15 Ways to Add 500 (or more!) Steps to Your Day

Step your way slim with our easiest weight-loss strategy ever! Simply lace up your sneakers and get inspired by these easy ideas. 

By Karen Asp

Tricks to Sneak in Steps: Easy Ways to Squeeze More Into Your Day

• Ditch the drive-through and walk into the coffee shop—which probably will take you 30 seconds each way—to get your caffeine fix. (100 steps)


• After you’ve finished grocery shopping, skip the parking-lot cart return and spend a minute walking the shopping cart all the way back to the front of the store. (100 steps)


• Whenever you have to wait—like at the bus stop or airport—pace for at least three minutes. (300-400 steps)


• Rather than carrying three grocery bags from the car into your house at once, take bags in one at a time, for a total of a minute. (100 steps)


• Sip from a small coffee cup so you walk that 15 seconds to the coffeepot more frequently. Refill three times during the day. (150 steps)


• Every night before bed, walk around your house and clean up for five minutes, placing pillows on the couch and putting away shoes. (250 steps)